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Integral Seals

Integral and plate seals combine sealing, compression limiting, and dimensional accuracy in a single product able to seal multiple potential leak points. The retaining structure can be metal or plastic and may contain inserts to provide strength and limit compression at bolt locations. This structure eliminates the need for expensive machining in the nearby components. The seal element is chemically or mechanically bonded to the retainer limiting movement away from the sealed area. These types of seals are also referred to as edge-bonded or void-volume seals.

Key Requirements
  • Seal in a high vibration environment at temperatures between -40º and 250º C
  • Compatible with engine lubricants and coolant fluids
  • Plate thickness accuracy for optimum seal compression
  • Dimensional accuracy between sealed locations

  • Trostel Provides
  • Ease of handling and installation particularly in blind or vertical applications
  • High pressure sealing without requiring backup rings
  • Metal-to-metal contact prevents over compression of seal and controls bolt torque
  • Custom designed materials for optimum durability
  • Reduction of elastomer required, proving more economical for high-cost elastomers
  • Single plate/multi-port sealing capability