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Water Pump Seals

Diesel engine water pump seals are typically mechanical face seals with opposing faces of a hard material such as silicon carbide and a softer material of carbon. Secondary sealing is provided by elastomeric bellows. The two surfaces are loaded by a spring designed to balance any system pressure. These seals can run in the very low lubrication environment presented in engine cooling systems.

Key Requirements
  • Seal in a low lubricity environment under pressure
  • High tolerance to coolant contamination
  • Dry running capability
  • Withstand high vibration

  • Trostel Provides
  • Proven standard design
  • Precision surface finish to optimize service life and reliability
  • Custom mating faces
  • Proprietary elastomer material formulations designed to meet the broadest range of applications
  • In-house testing capability of pump and complete assembly
  • Ability to produce other pump components